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About SpyWall Anti-Spyware

SpyWall Anti-Spyware is an application designed to protect your computer from spyware and malware threats. While the scanning engine could benefit from improvements, it offers an effective real-time shield and a range of useful features.

Key Features

1.Real-Time Shield
SpyWall Anti-Spyware provides a robust real-time shield that actively monitors your system, preventing most malware and Browser Helper Objects from infecting your computer. This feature ensures that your computer is protected from the latest threats as you browse the internet or use various applications.

2.Integration with Internet Explorer
This anti-spyware app conveniently integrates directly into Internet Explorer, making it seamless and easy to use while browsing. However, some users may prefer to have the option to disable the toolbar during the installation process for a more customized experience.

3.Customizable Configuration
SpyWall Anti-Spyware allows users to configure the application to their specific needs. While the real-time shield is effective, it may occasionally block harmless websites. Spending some time configuring the application can help you allow access to frequently visited URLs, ensuring a smoother browsing experience.

4.Additional Useful Perks
Underneath the hood, SpyWall Anti-Spyware offers several helpful features, including a scheduler, automatic definition updates, logging, and a startup manager. These extras enhance the functionality of the application and provide users with more control over their system's security and performance.

In conclusion, SpyWall Anti-Spyware offers users a reliable real-time shield and a set of useful features for protecting their computer from spyware and malware threats. While the scanning engine and trial period may have some limitations, the application can be a valuable addition to a multi-layered security approach, especially for users who appreciate the convenience of integration with Internet Explorer. Savvy users may find SpyWall Anti-Spyware beneficial for its real-time protection and customizable configuration, as long as they do not rely on it as their sole antimalware solution.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
Operating systemWindows, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Old Versions

SpyWall Anti-Spyware1.4.3.1
November 8, 2008
exe32 bit
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SpyWall Anti-Spyware for PC
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How to download and Install SpyWall Anti-Spyware on Windows PC

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