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About Squad 44

Squad 44 is a highly immersive tactical World War II shooter that places players on the frontlines of massive historical battles. This game prides itself on its authenticity, offering players an immense arsenal of meticulously recreated weapons and vehicles, all set across sprawling WW2 battlefields. The experience is designed to be ruthlessly realistic, emphasizing teamwork and strategic planning to succeed.

Features of Squad 44

- Authentic WW2 Setting: Dive into meticulously recreated World War II environments that are both expansive and historically accurate.

- Impressive Arsenal: Utilize a vast collection of faithfully reproduced weapons and vehicles, enhancing the realism and tactical depth of the gameplay.

- Emphasis on Teamwork: Success in Squad 44 heavily relies on coordinated teamwork, mirroring the real-life demands of military operations during the era.

- Realistic Gameplay: Experience a level of realism that challenges players to think and act like actual soldiers, with a focus on strategy and situational awareness.

Release Date of Squad 44

9 Aug, 2018

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on9 Aug, 2018
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