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About Squad Emotes - Grunt Pack

Squad Emotes - Grunt Pack is an add-on content for the popular tactical first-person shooter game, Squad. This pack introduces a series of emotes specifically designed for players to enhance their in-game communication and interaction. Set in the immersive multiplayer environment of Squad, these emotes allow players to express themselves more dynamically during intense combat scenarios, adding a layer of depth to the strategic gameplay.

Features of Squad Emotes - Grunt Pack

- Dynamic Emotes: A collection of expressive emotes that can be used to communicate with teammates during gameplay.

- Enhanced Interaction: Allows players to convey messages or intentions quickly and effectively, improving team coordination.

- Themed Content: Emotes are designed with a military theme, fitting seamlessly into the gritty and realistic atmosphere of Squad.

Release Date of Squad Emotes - Grunt Pack

8 Feb, 2023

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on8 Feb, 2023
DeveloperOffworld Industries