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About SSuite NetSurfer x64

SSuite NetSurfer x64 is a browser application that utilizes Microsoft's WebView2 runtime control, running on the internal web engine of Microsoft's Edge browser. With a focus on privacy and security, SSuite NetSurfer x64 offers a range of features that aim to protect user data and provide a smooth browsing experience. Here are the key features of SSuite NetSurfer x64:

Key Feature

1.Privacy-Focused Browsing
SSuite NetSurfer x64 prioritizes user privacy by utilizing the WebView2 runtime control. This browser engine separates itself from Microsoft Edge and other tracking mechanisms to ensure there is no data collection or tracking of users' browsing habits. By using the WebView2 runtime control, SSuite NetSurfer x64 provides a browsing experience free from third-party tracking and data leakage.

2.Tracking and Social Media Blocker
SSuite NetSurfer x64 blocks social media and website tracking, preventing websites from collecting data about users' browsing habits. Users can also choose to block individual cookies for heightened privacy protection. The browser allows users to open websites in separate popup windows, offering secure browsing and the ability to customize security preferences.

3.Private Mode for Complete Protection
For enhanced privacy, SSuite NetSurfer x64 includes a Private Mode browsing function. This feature ensures complete protection against personal data collection and tracking across website surfing. Users can navigate the internet with confidence, knowing their browsing activities are safeguarded from any attempts to collect personal data.

4.Optimized Performance and Updates
SSuite NetSurfer x64 is optimized for maximum speed, providing a fast and efficient browsing experience. With minimal running footprint, the browser minimizes resource usage on your system. Additionally, the WebView2 runtime control receives automatic updates, helping users stay on the latest and most secure version of the browsing platform.

5.Additional Features
SSuite NetSurfer x64 offers a range of additional features, including a light and dark mode for customizable visual preferences. The browser includes a built-in media player for playing audio and video files from local storage or directly from the internet. It also features an internal ad-blocker that can be updated online for an ad-free browsing experience.

In summary, SSuite NetSurfer x64 is a privacy-focused browser that utilizes the WebView2 runtime control for secure and efficient browsing. With features such as tracking and social media blocking, private mode browsing, optimized performance, and additional tools like a media player and ad-blocker, SSuite NetSurfer x64 aims to provide users with a reliable and privacy-conscious browsing experience. Experience secure and efficient internet browsing with SSuite NetSurfer x64.

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated onJul 12, 2024

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