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About Star Trek™: Bridge Crew

Star Trek™: Bridge Crew is a cooperative simulation game that plunges players into the iconic Star Trek universe. Whether played in virtual reality or on a standard screen, the game requires players to work together in a four-person crew, each taking on critical roles such as Captain, Helm, Tactical, or Engineer. The game emphasizes strategic decision-making and teamwork, offering a deep and immersive experience for Star Trek fans and gamers alike.

Features of Star Trek™: Bridge Crew

- Dual Playability: Supports both VR and non-VR modes, allowing a wider audience to experience the game.

- Cooperative Gameplay: Requires teamwork among four players, each handling distinct roles crucial to the mission.

- Strategic Decision-Making: Players must make critical decisions that affect the outcome of their missions.

- Authentic Star Trek Experience: Features detailed recreations of Star Trek environments and scenarios, appealing to fans of the series.

Release Date of Star Trek™: Bridge Crew

30 May, 2017

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on30 May, 2017