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About STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™

STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™ is a thrilling space combat simulator set in the iconic Star Wars universe. Players take on the role of a young pilot from the Azzameen family, a neutral trading clan caught in the crossfire of the Galactic Civil War. As the Empire tightens its grip, the Azzameen family must navigate treacherous rivalries and imperial oppression to safeguard their business and, ultimately, contribute to the Rebellion's cause.

Features of STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™

- Engaging Storyline: Embark on a narrative-driven campaign that intertwines personal family struggles with the broader conflict against the Empire.

- Dynamic Space Combat: Experience realistic and intense space battles with a variety of Star Wars spacecraft, each with unique capabilities and weapons.

- Strategic Missions: Execute a range of mission types, from stealthy cargo runs to full-scale assault missions against Imperial forces.

- Rich Customization: Personalize your fleet with upgrades and modifications, tailoring your ships to suit different combat scenarios.

- Multiplayer Mode: Compete or cooperate with other players in various multiplayer modes, extending the gameplay experience beyond the single-player campaign.

Release Date of STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™

28 Mar, 1999

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on28 Mar, 1999
DeveloperTotally Games