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About Starcom: Nexus

Starcom: Nexus is a captivating space exploration and strategy game where players are unexpectedly thrust into an unfamiliar galaxy. The game challenges players to navigate through a series of alien encounters, either through combat or diplomacy, while upgrading their initial survey vessel into a formidable battlecruiser. The ultimate goal is to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious forces that have stranded them in this unknown realm and to find a way back to their home planet.

Features of Starcom: Nexus

- Dynamic Alien Encounters: Engage with various alien species through combat or diplomacy, each with unique behaviors and motivations.

- Ship Upgrades and Customization: Transform your ship from a basic survey vessel into a powerful battlecruiser with a variety of upgrades and customizations.

- Mystery and Exploration: Delve into the unknown to unravel the mystery of the forces that brought you to this galaxy and seek a path back home.

Release Date of Starcom: Nexus

12 Dec, 2019

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on12 Dec, 2019
DeveloperWx3 Labs, LLC