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About StarCraft: Terran Theme

Dive into the realm of StarCraft with the Terran Theme for Windows, which offers a comprehensive suite of customizations that will transform your desktop into a Terran command center. The theme encompasses the very essence of the StarCraft universe, with elements that are instantly recognizable to fans of the iconic strategy game. Engage with your computer like never before as every click and command you issue resonates with the heart of the StarCraft experience.

Key Feature

1.Original Terran Cursors
Navigate your way through your missions with a complete set of original cursors designed to mirror the Terran aesthetic. These cursors are not just mere pointers but a part of the StarCraft universe brought to your screen, giving you the sense of being a commander within the game. Whether selecting files or opening programs, these cursors lend an authentic StarCraft feel to your everyday computer interactions.

2.Authentic Game Icons
The Terran Theme pulls directly from the rich visuals of StarCraft to present you with a set of desktop icons extracted from the game. These icons, replete with the intricate designs of the Terran race, offer a seamless integration into the StarCraft theme, allowing you to organize your desktop with the same fervor as you would marshal your forces in the game. Each icon serves as a reminder of the strategic depth that StarCraft offers, making even the simplest task feel like a part of the larger galactic struggle.

3.Thematic Wallpaper
At the core of the theme is a stunning wallpaper that sets the stage for your StarCraft-inspired desktop. It serves as the perfect backdrop, capturing the essence of the Terran faction and inviting you into the world where every decision could tip the balance in an interstellar war. The wallpaper is designed to be both visually impressive and subtly integrated, ensuring it doesn't overwhelm your desktop but enhances its aesthetic.

4.Engaging Sound Scheme
Complete the immersive experience with a sound scheme that features audio cues pulled straight from StarCraft. Every notification and alert is an auditory slice of the game, turning the mundane act of receiving an email or an error message into an event that could have been plucked from a Terran campaign. These sounds not only add depth to the theme but also provide an auditory reminder of the StarCraft universe, elevating the overall experience of interacting with your PC.

Reviewed by Matthew Black


Updated onNovember 8, 2008
DeveloperMatthew Black
Operating systemWindows, Windows 95, Windows 98

Old Versions

StarCraft: Terran Theme1.0
November 8, 2008
StarCraft: Terran Theme icon
StarCraft: Terran Theme for PC
This StarCraft-inspired Windows theme has cursors, icons, wallpaper, and sounds from the game.
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