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About Start Over

Start Over is a dynamic survival game that challenges players to navigate through an unpredictable world. Whether playing solo or cooperatively online, players must explore various landscapes, craft through four distinct technological tiers, interact with wildlife, and engage in trading or raiding for essential resources. The game offers a unique blend of strategy and action as players choose their paths, defend against relentless waves of threats, and ultimately shape their own destinies in this ever-changing environment.

Features of Start Over

- Diverse Landscapes: Explore a variety of terrains, each with unique challenges and resources.

- Four Tech Tiers: Progress through technological advancements, each unlocking new crafting possibilities and gameplay mechanics.

- Dynamic Wildlife: Encounter and interact with a range of wildlife, from passive creatures to formidable predators.

- Strategic Trading and Raiding: Engage in economic strategies by trading or raiding for vital resources.

- Co-op and Solo Modes: Choose between a solitary journey or team up with others in cooperative online play.

- Defend and Shape Destiny: Strategically defend against waves of threats and make decisions that influence the course of your survival story.

Release Date of Start Over

20 Apr, 2023

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on20 Apr, 2023