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About Stormgate

Stormgate is a real-time strategy (RTS) game set in a futuristic world where humanity must defend itself against an invading alien force. Developed by Frost Giant Studios, the game aims to blend classic RTS elements with modern gameplay innovations, offering a deep and engaging experience for both solo players and competitive gamers. With a focus on strategic depth and community involvement, Stormgate promises to be a significant addition to the RTS genre.

Features of Stormgate

- Cooperative Campaign: Engage in a story-driven campaign that can be played solo or cooperatively with friends, emphasizing teamwork and strategic planning.

- Competitive Multiplayer: Test your skills in a variety of multiplayer modes, including ranked matches and custom games, where strategy and quick thinking are key to victory.

- Community-Driven Content: The game is designed to be highly moddable, allowing players to create and share their own maps, modes, and content, fostering a vibrant and creative community.

- Modern RTS Mechanics: Incorporates modern gameplay elements such as unit veterancy, resource management, and base building, while refining classic RTS mechanics for a smoother and more intuitive experience.

- Cross-Platform Play: Supports cross-platform play, enabling players on different devices to compete against each other, expanding the multiplayer community and accessibility.

Release Date of Stormgate

30 Jul, 2024

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on30 Jul, 2024
DeveloperFrost Giant Studios
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