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About STRAFE: Gold Edition

STRAFE: Gold Edition is an adrenaline-pumping roguelike first-person shooter that pushes the boundaries of gore and violence. Set in a procedurally generated world, players are tasked with navigating through levels filled with gruesome enemies and uncovering hidden secrets. The game is known for its relentless action and the ability to leave a trail of entrails as you mow down foes with an arsenal of over 30 weapons. With a dynamic soundtrack that enhances the chaotic gameplay, STRAFE: Gold Edition offers a unique and intense shooting experience.

Features of STRAFE: Gold Edition

- Procedurally Generated Levels: Each playthrough offers a fresh challenge with new layouts and enemy placements, ensuring no two sessions are the same.

- Extensive Arsenal: Equip yourself with over 30 different weapons, each with unique characteristics and upgrade paths to customize your playstyle.

- Persistent Gore: The game features a unique gore system where the carnage you create stays on the battlefield, painting the levels red with the remains of your enemies.

- Mind Melting Secrets: Explore and uncover hidden secrets scattered throughout the game, adding depth and replayability to the intense action.

- Diverse Enemy Types: Face off against 20+ different enemy types, each with their own behaviors and attack patterns, requiring strategic adaptability from the player.

- Red Hot Soundtrack: The game is accompanied by an energetic soundtrack that perfectly complements the fast-paced and chaotic gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

Release Date of STRAFE: Gold Edition

9 May, 2017

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on9 May, 2017
DeveloperPixel Titans
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