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About Stratum Descent

Stratum Descent is an engaging micro rogue-lite deck builder that plunges players into a deep and treacherous world. The game combines the strategic elements of deck-building with the unpredictable challenges of rogue-lite games. Players must forge and customize their cards, navigate through various dangerous stratums, and face off against formidable stratum lords. The journey is marked by the quest to upgrade the character, collect powerful relics, and descend as far as possible into the ever-challenging depths.

Features of Stratum Descent

- Customizable Card Forge: Players can create and modify their deck of cards to suit their strategic needs, enhancing their ability to tackle different challenges.

- Dangerous Stratums Navigation: The game features multiple layers of perilous environments, each with unique challenges and enemies that players must overcome.

- Confrontation with Stratum Lords: At the end of each stratum, players face powerful lords that test their deck-building and combat skills.

- Character and Relic Upgrades: Players can improve their character's abilities and acquire relics that provide unique bonuses, adding layers of strategy and depth to the gameplay.

- Ever-Challenging Journey: The game offers a progressively difficult journey, encouraging players to continually adapt and improve their strategies.

Release Date of Stratum Descent

25 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on25 Jun, 2024
DeveloperThat Indie Studio