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About Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue is an innovative game that blends the rogue-lite genre with immersive simulation, creating a unique experience that is both chaotic and strategic. Players navigate through procedurally generated cities, engaging in combat, stealth, and hacking activities. The game draws inspiration from titles like Nuclear Throne, Deus Ex, and GTA, offering a mix of fast-paced action and deep, systemic gameplay.

Features of Streets of Rogue

- Procedurally Generated Cities: Each playthrough offers a fresh layout, ensuring no two experiences are the same.

- Hybrid Gameplay Mechanics: Combines rogue-lite elements with immersive sim features, allowing for diverse strategies and playstyles.

- Dynamic Interaction System: Players can interact with the environment and NPCs in various ways, promoting creative problem-solving.

- Diverse Character Options: A wide range of character classes with unique abilities and playstyles to choose from.

- Chaotic and Anarchic Atmosphere: Inspired by GTA's open-world chaos, Streets of Rogue encourages reckless fun and unexpected scenarios.

Release Date of Streets of Rogue

12 Jul, 2019

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on12 Jul, 2019
DeveloperMatt Dabrowski
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