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About Striving for Light

Striving for Light is an action-packed rogue-lite ARPG that thrusts players into a dark and mysterious world. The game challenges players to navigate through harrowing environments, battling formidable foes and overcoming obstacles in their quest for illumination. Central to the gameplay is a unique, infinite expanding skilltree that allows for deep customization and strategic growth, enhancing the replayability and depth of the game.

Features of Striving for Light

- Rogue-lite Mechanics: Featuring permadeath and procedurally generated levels, each playthrough offers a fresh challenge and requires strategic adaptation.

- Infinite Expanding Skilltree: A dynamic system that allows players to continuously evolve their character, offering limitless potential for customization and power progression.

- Dark Atmospheric Setting: The game is set in a brooding, dark world, enhancing the immersive experience and thematic depth of the narrative.

- Action-Packed Combat: Engage in intense, real-time combat against a variety of enemies, requiring quick reflexes and tactical decision-making.

Release Date of Striving for Light

29 Nov, 2021

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on29 Nov, 2021
DeveloperIgniting Spark Games
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