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About Sudeki

Sudeki is an action-RPG set in a fantastical world torn between light, shadow, and dark realms. The game follows the journey of four heroes who must unite to restore peace to a land ravaged by deceit and betrayal. The story unfolds beyond the protective walls of Illumina Castle, where the once pastoral countryside has been transformed by the Aklorian forces.

Features of Sudeki

- Multi-character Narrative: Players control four distinct heroes, each with unique abilities and backgrounds, contributing to a rich and complex storyline.

- Dynamic Combat System: Features real-time action combat with strategic elements, allowing players to switch between characters during battles for tactical advantage.

- Vibrant World: The game offers a visually stunning environment, from the serene countryside to the imposing Illumina Castle, all impacted by the conflict between light and dark.

- Deep Storytelling: Sudeki combines elements of fantasy and drama, exploring themes of betrayal, unity, and the quest for peace in a divided world.

Release Date of Sudeki

25 Mar, 2005

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on25 Mar, 2005
DeveloperClimax Studios
LanguagesEnglish,French,Italian,German,Spanish - Spain