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About Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is an exhilarating battle royale game that pits 64 players against each other in a high-stakes survival scenario. Players take on the roles of various anthropomorphic animals, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons, as they navigate through an abandoned safari park. The game is set in a vibrant, 2D top-down perspective, offering a frenetic and visually engaging experience as players use their cunning and combat skills to outlast their opponents and claim victory.

Features of Super Animal Royale

- Multiplayer Mode: Engage in intense 64-player battles, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay environment.

- Unique Setting: Fight across an abandoned safari park, with each area offering distinct challenges and strategic opportunities.

- Diverse Weaponry: Utilize a variety of weapons ranging from traditional claws and teeth to advanced machine guns, catering to different playstyles.

- Top-Down Perspective: Experience the battle royale genre from a fresh, 2D top-down view, enhancing tactical gameplay and situational awareness.

Release Date of Super Animal Royale

26 Aug, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on26 Aug, 2021
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