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About Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is an intense and minimalist action game developed by Terry Cavanagh, known for its rapid gameplay and challenging difficulty. The game features a simple yet captivating design where players navigate a small triangle through a constantly shifting maze of walls in a hexagonal space. Accompanying the gameplay is an electrifying soundtrack composed by Chipzel, which enhances the overall experience with its fast-paced rhythms.

Features of Super Hexagon

- Minimalist Design: The game's visual style is stark and simple, focusing on sharp lines and vibrant colors that create a visually striking experience.

- Challenging Gameplay: Super Hexagon is renowned for its high difficulty, requiring quick reflexes and precise timing to survive the onslaught of approaching walls.

- Dynamic Soundtrack: The music by Chipzel is integral to the gameplay, with beats that sync perfectly with the action, increasing the intensity and immersion of the experience.

Release Date of Super Hexagon

27 Nov, 2012

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on27 Nov, 2012
DeveloperTerry Cavanagh