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About Super Internet TV (Free Edition)

Super Internet TV (Free Edition) offers a vast array of live television channels and online radio stations from around the world. With its wide selection of content, this software allows users to enjoy a diverse range of programming, including news, sports, entertainment, and cultural content. Here are the key features of Super Internet TV:

Key Feature

1. Extensive Channel and Station Collection
Super Internet TV provides access to over 1800 live television channels and more than 5000 online radio stations. With this wide selection, users can explore programming from over 100 countries, enabling them to discover alternative content, learn new languages, immerse themselves in foreign cultures, or stay up-to-date with the latest news, sports, and entertainment.

2. Streamlined Internet-based Streaming
Super Internet TV eliminates the need for a TV tuner card by streaming all channels and stations through your Internet connection. This streamlined approach allows users to access their favorite TV channels and radio stations straight from their Windows PC without additional hardware requirements.

3. Recording Functionality
The software offers the handy feature of program recording. Users can easily record their favorite programs, ensuring they don't miss out on any content. This functionality provides flexibility and convenience, allowing users to watch their preferred shows at their preferred time.

4. Ideal for a Variety of Interests
Super Internet TV caters to a wide range of interests, making it suitable for individuals with diverse preferences. Whether you're interested in alternative programming, language learning, foreign cultures, entertainment, sports, or news, Super Internet TV provides a versatile platform for exploring and enjoying content that matches your specific interests.

5. Windows PC and Internet Connection Required
To utilize Super Internet TV, all you need is a Windows PC and an internet connection. This makes it accessible and convenient for users who already have basic computer equipment available.

In summary, Super Internet TV (Free Edition) is a user-friendly software that grants users access to a wealth of live television channels and online radio stations. With its extensive collection of content, recording functionality, and suitability for a range of interests, the software opens up a world of entertainment, educational, and cultural options. Whether you're looking for alternative programming or want to explore content from different countries, Super Internet TV brings the world of live TV and radio directly to your Windows PC.

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Updated onJune 8, 2010
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Super Internet TV (Free Edition) for PC
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