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About Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions is an exhilarating action shooter that thrusts players into the heart of a neo-futuristic metropolis known as Alpha City. This game is all about high-octane mecha combat, where players must strategically use advanced weapons, powerful mechas, and various vehicles to outmaneuver and overcome their opponents. The ultimate goal is to rise above all challengers and claim the prestigious title of champion.

Features of Super Mecha Champions

- Mecha Combat: Engage in dynamic battles using customizable mechas, each with unique abilities and combat styles.

- Advanced Weapons: Utilize a wide array of cutting-edge firearms and gadgets to gain an edge in combat.

- Vehicles: Employ various vehicles to enhance mobility and tactical options during battles.

- Neo-Futuristic Setting: Experience the vibrant and detailed world of Alpha City, a setting that blends futuristic aesthetics with urban landscapes.

- Competitive Play: Test your skills in a highly competitive environment, aiming for the top spot in leaderboards and tournaments.

Release Date of Super Mecha Champions

25 Mar, 2021

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on25 Mar, 2021
DeveloperNetEase Games
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