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About Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is a real-time strategy game set in a futuristic universe where three factions are locked in an endless war for dominance. Each faction believes their way is the only true path, leading to a devastating conflict known as The Infinite War. This long-standing battle has not only reshaped the galaxy but also intensified the animosity between the factions. Players take on the role of a supreme commander, tasked with leading their faction to victory through strategic warfare and resource management.

Features of Supreme Commander

- Expansive Battlefields: Engage in warfare across massive maps, allowing for large-scale military operations.

- Advanced Unit Control: Command a variety of units, from infantry to gigantic mechs, each with unique abilities and roles.

- Strategic Resource Management: Balance the acquisition and expenditure of resources to sustain prolonged military campaigns.

- Dynamic Warfare: Adapt to changing battle conditions and enemy strategies in real-time to gain an advantage.

- Multi-Faction Dynamics: Experience distinct gameplay and unit styles for each faction, enhancing replayability.

Release Date of Supreme Commander

20 Feb, 2007

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on20 Feb, 2007
DeveloperGas Powered Games
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