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About Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a real-time strategy game that continues the epic saga of humanity's struggle for survival in a war-torn world. Set two years after the Infinite War, players must lead one of three factions—the United Earth Federation (UEF), the Aeon Loyalists, or the Cybran Nation—against a new, formidable enemy backed by the zealots of The Order. The game builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, Supreme Commander, offering enhanced gameplay mechanics and a deeper narrative.

Features of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

- Enhanced AI: The new enemy AI is more challenging and strategic, providing a tougher combat experience.

- Expanded Factions: Each of the three original factions receives new units and upgrades, adding depth to the strategic options.

- Improved Graphics: The game features upgraded visuals and effects, enhancing the overall aesthetic and immersion.

- New Campaign: A standalone single-player campaign that delves deeper into the lore and challenges faced by the factions.

- Multiplayer Enhancements: Improved multiplayer modes and matchmaking, ensuring a smooth and competitive online experience.

Release Date of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

28 Sep, 2011

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on28 Sep, 2011
DeveloperGas Powered Games
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