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About SWAT 4

SWAT 4 is an intense and realistic tactical shooter game where players take on the role of the element leader of an elite Special Weapons and Tactics team in a large city plagued by crisis and turmoil. As the leader, players are tasked with commanding their team through various high-stakes situations, from hostage rescues to Homeland Security threats. With every mission presenting unique challenges and split-second decisions, SWAT 4 offers an adrenaline-pumping experience where one mistake could lead to failure.

Key Feature

1.Authentic Special Weapons and Tactics Team
In SWAT 4, players are placed in command of a highly trained and specialized unit that is called upon when ordinary law enforcement is not enough. This elite team is equipped with advanced weaponry and tactics, providing players with the tools and skills necessary to take on dangerous criminals and diffuse volatile situations.

2.Intense Hostage Situations
One of the primary objectives in SWAT 4 is to rescue hostages and bring them to safety. Players must carefully plan their approach, using stealth, negotiation, and tactical force when necessary. The game's AI-controlled suspects and hostages react dynamically to the player's actions, making each encounter unique and challenging.

3.Homeland Security Threats
SWAT 4 also tasks players with protecting the city from various Homeland Security threats, such as terrorist attacks and bomb defusals. These missions require a keen sense of strategy and teamwork, as players must coordinate their squad to take down dangerous foes and secure critical locations.

4.Tactical Command System
SWAT 4 features a robust tactical command system that allows players to issue orders to their squad, such as breaching doors, deploying equipment, and coordinating movement. This system provides a deep level of control and strategy, enabling players to approach each situation with precision and adapt to ever-changing scenarios.

5.Immersive Single-Player Demo
The SWAT 4 single-player demo showcases the game's thrilling gameplay and realistic scenarios, as players respond to a dispatch involving a botched car theft that has escalated into a hostage situation at the Victory Imports Auto Center. This demo offers a taste of the high-stakes action and tactical decision-making that players can expect throughout the full game.

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Updated onNovember 9, 2008
DeveloperVivendi Universal Games
Operating systemWindows, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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November 9, 2008
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SWAT 4 for PC
Surround and infiltrate a secured building to save hostages.
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