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About Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is an action RPG that immerses players in the fantastical VRMMO world of Alfheim Online, inspired by the popular anime series SWORD ART ONLINE. Players assume the role of the protagonist, Kirito, and embark on an epic journey alongside familiar characters to conquer the mysterious and challenging floating land of Svart Alfheim. This game combines the beloved narrative of the anime with engaging gameplay mechanics, offering fans a unique and immersive experience.

Features of Sword Art Online: Lost Song

- Immersive VRMMO Experience: Dive into the detailed and expansive world of Alfheim Online, complete with fairy-themed environments and magical elements.

- Character Customization: Play as Kirito and interact with a roster of iconic characters from the anime, each with their own unique abilities and story arcs.

- Dynamic Combat System: Engage in real-time battles with a variety of enemies, utilizing a mix of swordplay and magical skills to overcome challenges.

- Exploration and Flight: Navigate through the floating islands of Svart Alfheim, taking advantage of the unique flight mechanics that allow for free-roaming exploration.

Release Date of Sword Art Online: Lost Song

12 Nov, 2018

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on12 Nov, 2018
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