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About Tales of Kenzera™: ZAU

Tales of Kenzera™: ZAU is a captivating metroidvania-style adventure game developed by Surgent Studios. Players embark on a mystical journey through the beautiful yet treacherous land of Kenzera, wielding the powerful dance of the shaman to reclaim their father's spirit. The game intertwines elements of ancient mythology, particularly involving the God of Death, to create a rich and immersive experience that challenges players both strategically and emotionally.

Features of Tales of Kenzera™: ZAU

- Shamanic Dance Mechanics: Engage in a unique combat system that utilizes the dance of the shaman, providing a rhythmic and strategic gameplay element.

- Mythological Exploration: Dive into the lore-rich world of Kenzera, filled with mythical creatures and ancient gods, enhancing the narrative depth and player immersion.

- Metroidvania-style Progression: Navigate through a non-linear world map, unlocking new abilities and areas as you progress, typical of the metroidvania genre.

- Emotional Storytelling: Experience a heartfelt narrative centered around reclaiming a lost family member, intertwined with themes of sacrifice and redemption.

- Artistic Landscapes: Traverse through visually stunning environments that blend beauty with danger, reflecting the dual nature of the game's setting.

Release Date of Tales of Kenzera™: ZAU

23 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on23 Apr, 2024
DeveloperSurgent Studios
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