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About Team Sonic Racing™

Team Sonic Racing™ is an exhilarating arcade-style racing game that brings together the thrill of high-speed competition with the iconic characters of the Sonic universe. Players can expect a fast-paced, multiplayer racing experience where teamwork and strategy are as important as raw speed. Developed by Sumo Digital, this game is a spin-off from the popular Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, offering a fresh take on the racing genre with a focus on cooperative gameplay.

Features of Team Sonic Racing™

- Arcade-Style Racing: Experience the adrenaline rush of arcade racing with intuitive controls and responsive handling, making it accessible for players of all skill levels.

- Multiplayer Competition: Engage in intense multiplayer races with friends both locally and online, testing your racing skills and teamwork in a variety of challenging tracks.

- Team-Based Gameplay: Emphasize the importance of teamwork by working together with your team to utilize power-ups, share boosts, and strategize to outpace the competition.

- Diverse Character Roster: Choose from a wide array of Sonic characters, each with their own unique abilities and vehicles, adding depth to the racing experience.

- Dynamic Tracks: Race through a variety of dynamic and visually stunning tracks inspired by the Sonic universe, each offering unique challenges and shortcuts.

Release Date of Team Sonic Racing™

21 May, 2019

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on21 May, 2019
DeveloperSumo Digital
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