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About TEKKEN 7 - DLC16: Kunimitsu

TEKKEN 7 - DLC16: Kunimitsu is a downloadable content pack for the critically acclaimed fighting game TEKKEN 7. This DLC introduces Kunimitsu, a returning character from the TEKKEN series, known for her swift and deadly ninjutsu techniques. Players can now experience a new set of moves and a unique story arc involving Kunimitsu, adding depth to the already rich narrative of TEKKEN 7. This content is designed to enhance the gameplay experience for fans of the series and newcomers alike, providing fresh challenges and a deeper dive into the lore of the TEKKEN universe.

Features of TEKKEN 7 - DLC16: Kunimitsu

- New Character: Kunimitsu - Play as the agile and lethal ninja, Kunimitsu, with her distinct fighting style and unique moveset.

- Enhanced Story Mode - Engage with a new storyline that delves into Kunimitsu's past and her role in the TEKKEN saga.

- Additional Costumes - Customize Kunimitsu with a variety of new costumes, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience.

- Challenging Gameplay - Test your skills against Kunimitsu's formidable techniques, offering a new level of difficulty for players.

Release Date of TEKKEN 7 - DLC16: Kunimitsu

9 Nov, 2020

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on9 Nov, 2020
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
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