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About Teleport Pro

Teleport Pro is a versatile software that allows users to download and view all the elements of a website for offline browsing. Despite some flaws and an initially intimidating layout, the program offers a wizard that walks users through every step of the process, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

Key Feature

1: Comprehensive Website Download
Teleport Pro enables users to download an entire website, duplicate a website, search a site for specific file types, or search websites for keywords. This comprehensive download capability ensures that users can access all the elements of a website for offline browsing.

2: Wizard-Guided Process
The program's layout may be initially intimidating, but the built-in wizard provides step-by-step guidance for users, making the process of downloading a website simple and straightforward. Users simply choose their desired download option, enter the URL, and click a few radio buttons to perform the download.

3: File Tree Display
Once a website is downloaded, Teleport Pro displays the site as a file tree, showcasing the organization and structure of the website. This feature allows users to easily navigate and explore the downloaded content.

4: Trial Version with 500-File Download Limit
Teleport Pro offers a trial version with a 500-file download limit, allowing users to test the software and study website structures before committing to a full version. This trial can be a valuable tool for users looking to explore the capabilities of the software.

5: Offline Browsing Capability
While Teleport Pro does not include a built-in viewer for surfing through downloaded content like an online browser, users can still access and view the downloaded elements of a website for offline browsing.

In conclusion, Teleport Pro is a useful software for users who need to download and view website elements for offline browsing. The program's comprehensive download options, wizard-guided process, file tree display, trial version, and offline browsing capabilities make it a versatile tool for users with varying needs. However, its layout and lack of a built-in viewer may be a drawback for some users seeking a more user-friendly offline browsing experience.

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated onSep 24, 2015
DeveloperTennyson Maxwell Information S

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  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Teleport Pro for Windows.
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