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About Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor provides an enjoyable and effective approach to learning touch typing. Suitable for both adults and children, this software teaches the essential habits of highly effective typing that will benefit you throughout your lifetime. With support for multiple languages and adaptive lessons that target your weak keys, you'll quickly improve your typing skills.

Key Features

1.Comprehensive Language and Keyboard Support
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor offers support for English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian languages and keyboards. This broad language compatibility ensures that users from different regions can benefit from the program and learn touch typing in their native language, facilitating better comprehension and faster progress.

2.Adaptive Lessons
The software's adaptive lessons automatically identify the keys where you struggle the most and provide additional practice for those specific keys. This targeted approach helps you overcome your weaknesses and improve your typing accuracy and speed. By focusing on the areas that need improvement, you'll experience more effective and efficient learning.

3.Real-World Language Generator
Each lesson in Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is generated dynamically, ensuring that the content remains fresh and never repetitive. The real-world language generator ensures that you are exposed to various words, phrases, and sentences, making your typing practice feel more natural and relevant. This enhances both your typing skills and your overall language comprehension.

4.SongSeeker™ Integration
For added enjoyment and variety, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor allows you to type along to your favorite tunes using Apple's iTunes software. The SongSeeker™ feature enables you to combine the pleasure of listening to music with practicing your typing skills. This makes the learning experience more engaging and entertaining.

5.Progress Tracking and Reporting
Version 4.7 of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor introduced printable progress reports after each lesson. These reports provide valuable insights into your performance, highlighting areas of improvement and tracking your progress over time. Additionally, teachers can benefit from the ability to export and print compiled student reports, making it a valuable tool for classroom use and network environments.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor offers an easy and fun way to learn touch typing, ensuring that you acquire essential typing skills that will serve you well throughout your life. With adaptive lessons, language variety, entertaining features like SongSeeker™, and comprehensive progress tracking, this software caters to learners of all ages and proficiency levels.

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