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About The Complex: Expedition

The Complex: Expedition is a thrilling survival horror game where players navigate through the eerie and endless corridors of the Backrooms. After a disastrous expedition with their team, the protagonist finds themselves isolated and pursued by unknown entities. The game combines elements of exploration, suspense, and survival, drawing players into its mysterious and unsettling environment.

Features of The Complex: Expedition

- Endless Maze Exploration: Players must navigate through a seemingly infinite labyrinth of hallways, each turn potentially leading to new dangers or dead ends.

- Survival Horror Elements: The game incorporates intense suspense and fear, as players must be wary of lurking threats and manage their resources carefully.

- Mystery and Storytelling: As players delve deeper into the Backrooms, they uncover clues about what lies within and what might be following them, enhancing the narrative and player engagement.

Release Date of The Complex: Expedition

17 Jul, 2023

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on17 Jul, 2023