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About The Enjenir

The Enjenir is a unique sandbox physics building game that challenges players to put their engineering and problem-solving skills to the test. Set in a completely gridless 3D sandbox environment, the game offers a freedom of construction unlike any other. Combined with hilarious ragdoll third-person controls, The Enjenir delivers a truly distinctive and amusing 'engineering' experience that stands out in the genre.

Features of The Enjenir

- Gridless 3D Sandbox: Enjoy the unparalleled freedom of building without the constraints of a grid, allowing for more creative and organic structures.

- Ragdoll Controls: Experience the game through hilariously unpredictable ragdoll physics, adding a layer of comedy and challenge to the gameplay.

- Physics-Based Challenges: Test your engineering prowess with physics-based puzzles and tasks that require strategic thinking and creative solutions.

- Unique 'Enjeniring' Experience: The combination of sandbox building and ragdoll controls creates a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that is both entertaining and educational.

Release Date of The Enjenir

18 Dec, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on18 Dec, 2023