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About The Forest

The Forest is a gripping first-person survival horror game that thrusts players into a harrowing scenario. After surviving a plane crash, the protagonist finds themselves in a dense, enigmatic forest. The game challenges players to navigate this hostile environment, facing off against a society of cannibalistic mutants. The core gameplay revolves around survival, exploration, and the construction of shelters to withstand the nightmarish threats that lurk in the shadows.

Features of The Forest

- Survival Mechanics: Intense focus on resource management, crafting, and health maintenance to outlast the dangers of the forest.

- Horror Atmosphere: A deeply immersive and terrifying environment, enhanced by the presence of cannibalistic mutants that create a constant sense of dread.

- Building System: Robust building mechanics that allow players to construct and fortify shelters, providing safety against the relentless threats.

- Exploration and Discovery: Encourages thorough exploration of the forest to uncover its secrets and gather essential resources for survival.

Release Date of The Forest

30 Apr, 2018

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on30 Apr, 2018
DeveloperEndnight Games Ltd
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