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About The Infected

The Infected is an immersive survival crafting game that thrusts players into a perilous open world sandbox environment. The primary objective is to build and fortify a base while defending against both aggressive wildlife and the unique threat of infected Vambies, a hybrid creature that combines the traits of vampires and zombies. This game challenges players to strategize and craft their way to survival in a world teeming with danger.

Features of The Infected

- Open World Sandbox: Explore a vast and dynamic world filled with various terrains and hidden dangers.

- Base Building: Construct and upgrade your base to withstand attacks from wildlife and the relentless Vambies.

- Crafting System: Utilize a robust crafting system to create weapons, defenses, and essential supplies.

- Hybrid Enemies: Encounter and combat the Vambies, a terrifying blend of vampire and zombie characteristics.

- Survival Mechanics: Manage resources, health, and stamina to ensure your character's survival in a harsh environment.

Release Date of The Infected

7 Aug, 2020

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on7 Aug, 2020
DeveloperDigX Studios
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