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About The Saboteur™

The Saboteur™ is an immersive open-world action thriller that plunges players into the heart of Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II. As a resistance fighter, players are tasked with undermining German authority by engaging in daring sabotage missions and leading a rebellion against the oppressive regime. The game combines intense combat, stealth, and exploration across the iconic and historically rich streets of Paris.

Features of The Saboteur™

- Nazi-Occupied Paris Setting: Experience the gritty and atmospheric backdrop of a city under siege, with detailed recreations of historical landmarks and environments.

- Diverse Gameplay Mechanics: Engage in a variety of activities including rooftop combat, stealth operations, and high-speed vehicular pursuits using a wide array of vehicles.

- Dynamic World Interaction: The game world reacts to player actions, with areas becoming liberated and changing visually from black-and-white to vibrant color as the resistance gains ground.

Release Date of The Saboteur™

7 Mar, 2024

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on7 Mar, 2024
DeveloperPandemic Studios
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