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About The Triumphant Return of Diabolos

The Triumphant Return of Diabolos is a captivating role-playing game set in a richly detailed fantasy world. The game unfolds many years after the defeat of the Demon Lord Diabolos, where a young man, trained to be an imperial knight, finds his destiny intertwined with the very figure he was taught to vanquish. This narrative twist sets the stage for a thrilling adventure filled with intrigue, combat, and moral dilemmas, as players navigate through a world where past and present collide.

Features of The Triumphant Return of Diabolos

- Rich Narrative Depth: Engage with a deeply layered story that explores themes of identity, destiny, and redemption.

- Dynamic Combat System: Experience strategic battles that require tactical thinking and quick reflexes, featuring a variety of weapons and magical abilities.

- Complex Character Development: Play as a character whose journey is marked by unexpected revelations and significant moral choices that impact the game's outcome.

- Epic World Exploration: Traverse a vast and beautifully crafted world, each region offering unique challenges and stories to uncover.

Release Date of The Triumphant Return of Diabolos

10 Jun, 2022

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on10 Jun, 2022
DeveloperBud of Lupine
LanguagesEnglish,Japanese,Simplified Chinese