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About The Unliving

The Unliving is a rogue-lite action RPG that immerses players in a dark and foreboding world as a Necromancer. Players assume the role of a powerful undead leader, commanding armies of the risen dead. The game combines intense combat with strategic elements, allowing players to unleash powerful magic, conquer cities, and dominate the battlefield by converting enemies into loyal minions.

Features of The Unliving

- Necromancer Role: Players take on the role of a fearsome Necromancer, raising the dead and commanding undead armies.

- Rogue-lite Mechanics: Featuring rogue-lite elements, the game offers procedurally generated challenges and permanent death, enhancing replayability.

- Powerful Magic Spells: Players can wield devastating magic spells to burn cities and obliterate foes.

- Epic Boss Fights: Engage in thrilling battles against epic bosses, each with unique abilities and challenges.

- Moribund Servants: Convert defeated enemies into morbid servants, expanding your army and tactical options.

Release Date of The Unliving

26 Oct, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on26 Oct, 2023
DeveloperRocketBrush Studio
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