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About Thief™ II: The Metal Age

Thief™ II: The Metal Age is a stealth-based action game that continues the adventures of Garrett, a master thief in a dark and mysterious world. Set in a city where new technologies clash with fanatical religions and widespread corruption, the game offers players the challenge of navigating through 15 complex, non-linear levels filled with opportunities to steal valuable loot and outwit vigilant guards. This sequel builds upon the foundation of its predecessor with enhanced gameplay mechanics and a captivating narrative that pulls players deeper into the shadowy underworld of thievery.

Features of Thief™ II: The Metal Age

- Complex Non-Linear Levels: Each of the 15 levels offers multiple paths and solutions, encouraging exploration and strategic planning.

- Improved Enemy AI: Guards are more perceptive and responsive, requiring players to employ stealth and cunning to avoid detection.

- New Gadgets: A variety of tools and devices are available to assist in stealth and problem-solving, enhancing gameplay variety.

- Riveting Story: The narrative is rich with intrigue and suspense, set against a backdrop of technological advancement and religious fervor.

- Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: The game introduces refinements to movement, interaction, and combat, providing a smoother and more immersive experience.

Release Date of Thief™ II: The Metal Age

21 Mar, 2000

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on21 Mar, 2000
DeveloperLooking Glass Studios