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About TightVNC (32 bit)

TightVNC (32 bit) is a feature-rich remote control package based on VNC (Virtual Network Computing). This modified version offers numerous improvements, bug fixes, and additional features that enhance the remote control experience. Designed to work smoothly even on slow network links like modem connections, TightVNC provides an array of configuration options in the server, an enhanced Java viewer, and seamless compatibility with the original VNC software.

Key Features

1.High Performance in Challenging Network Environments
TightVNC excels in providing a responsive and efficient remote control experience, even over slow network connections such as modems. With its optimized protocols and data compression techniques, TightVNC ensures smooth remote control interactions, enabling users to access and control their remote devices seamlessly.

2.Expanded Configuration Options in the Server
The server component of TightVNC offers a wide range of configuration options, allowing users to fine-tune their remote control setup. Users can define security settings, adjust compression levels, specify display resolution, and customize various other parameters to ensure the optimal remote control experience tailored to their specific requirements.

3.Enhanced Java Viewer
TightVNC includes an improved Java viewer, providing users with a versatile and platform-independent remote control solution. With this viewer, users can remotely access and control their devices from any Java-enabled web browser or Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The Java viewer offers a user-friendly interface, supporting remote control tasks with ease, and ensuring compatibility across different platforms.

4.Full Compatibility with Original VNC Software
TightVNC maintains full compatibility with the original VNC software, allowing users to seamlessly connect with any other VNC viewers or servers. This ensures that users can utilize the enhanced features and improvements of TightVNC while still being able to interact with systems using the standard VNC software, enabling smooth collaboration and remote control across different setups.

TightVNC (32 bit) is a robust remote control package that offers enhanced functionality, improved performance, and a variety of configuration options. With its capacity to work efficiently on slow network links, expanded server configuration choices, an enhanced Java viewer, and seamless compatibility with the original VNC software, TightVNC provides a comprehensive solution for users seeking efficient and reliable remote access to their systems. Whether it's for personal use or professional collaboration, TightVNC simplifies remote control tasks and ensures a seamless user experience.

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Updated onJuly 25, 2013
DeveloperTightVNC Software
Operating systemWindows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP

Old Versions

TightVNC (32 bit)2.7.10
July 25, 2013
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TightVNC (32 bit) for PC
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