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About Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a celebration of the classic action RPG, Titan Quest, on its 10-year anniversary. This edition unites the original game and its expansion, Titan Quest Immortal Throne, into a single, comprehensive package. Set in a mythological ancient world, players embark on a quest to prevent the Titans from escaping their eternal prison. This Anniversary Edition promises a revitalized experience with extensive updates and enhancements tailored to deliver the pinnacle of ARPG gameplay.

Features of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

- Comprehensive Integration: Combines the original Titan Quest and its expansion, Immortal Throne, into one seamless game.

- Massive Overhaul: Features extensive updates and enhancements to graphics, gameplay mechanics, and user interface.

- Enhanced ARPG Experience: Designed to provide the ultimate action RPG experience with refined controls and deeper character customization.

Release Date of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

31 Aug, 2016

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on31 Aug, 2016
DeveloperIron Lore Entertainment
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