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About Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial

Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial is an engaging roguelite game that immerses players in a vibrant, toon-rendered world. Set within the confines of a mysterious tower, players take on the role of Erza, a determined adventurer seeking to conquer the tower's challenges. The game combines the thrill of exploration with the strategic combat typical of roguelite genres, as players battle through hordes of mutant monsters and formidable bosses to earn the prestigious Hunter’s License and claim the title of the most powerful Battle Maiden.

Features of Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial

- Roguelite Mechanics: Embrace the unpredictability and replayability of roguelite games, where each run offers new challenges and opportunities for growth.

- Toon Render Style: Enjoy a visually appealing game with a cartoonish art style that brings the fantastical world of the tower to life.

- Dynamic Combat: Engage in intense battles against a variety of enemies and bosses, each requiring unique strategies to defeat.

- Progression System: Advance through the game by acquiring new abilities and upgrades, enhancing Erza's combat prowess and survival chances.

- Story-Driven Adventure: Follow Erza's journey as she unravels the mysteries of the tower, driven by the quest to become the ultimate Battle Maiden.

Release Date of Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial

12 Oct, 2019

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on12 Oct, 2019
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