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About Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world RPG that transports players to the distant planet of Aida, set hundreds of years into the future. This anime-infused sci-fi adventure invites players to embark on a fantasy journey, exploring a richly detailed world and engaging in cooperative gameplay. Available now on Steam, Tower of Fantasy offers a unique blend of futuristic sci-fi elements and traditional RPG mechanics.

Features of Tower of Fantasy

- Futuristic Setting: Set on the distant planet of Aida, players explore a world hundreds of years ahead in technology and culture.

- Anime-Infused Aesthetics: The game incorporates vibrant anime-style graphics and storytelling, appealing to fans of both RPGs and anime.

- Shared Open-World: Experience a vast, interconnected world where players can interact and adventure together in real-time.

- Sci-Fi Adventure: Engage in a narrative-driven adventure that combines elements of science fiction with traditional RPG gameplay.

- Cooperative Gameplay: Players can team up with others to tackle challenges and explore the expansive world of Aida.

Release Date of Tower of Fantasy

19 Oct, 2022

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on19 Oct, 2022
DeveloperHotta Studio
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