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About TowerFall Dark World Expansion

TowerFall Dark World Expansion is an exciting add-on for the critically acclaimed TowerFall Ascension, a fast-paced archery combat game. This expansion introduces new challenges and modes, enhancing the original game's competitive and cooperative experiences. Set in the mystical Dark World, players can expect a more intense and varied gameplay, with new enemies, levels, and power-ups designed to test their skills and strategy.

Features of TowerFall Dark World Expansion

- New Levels: Explore 20 additional dark and twisted levels, each with unique layouts and traps.

- Enhanced Combat: Introduces new enemies and bosses, requiring innovative tactics and precise archery.

- Powerful Artifacts: Gain access to new artifacts that provide unique abilities and alter gameplay dynamics.

- Expanded Modes: Includes new modes such as Quest Mode, offering fresh challenges and rewards.

- Customizable Matches: Allows players to tailor their battles with new options for arena modifiers and game settings.

Release Date of TowerFall Dark World Expansion

12 May, 2015

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on12 May, 2015
DeveloperMaddy Makes Games Inc.