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Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion For PC

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About Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion

Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion is an exciting add-on for the base game Trailmakers, a creative sandbox game where players design and build their own vehicles. This expansion introduces a new dimension to the gameplay by allowing players to explore the skies with their custom-built aircraft. Set in a vibrant and imaginative world, Airborne Expansion challenges players to not only master land and sea but also air navigation, offering a fresh set of challenges and creative opportunities.

Features of Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion

- Sky Exploration: Players can now design and pilot their own aircraft, opening up new areas of the map to explore.

- Enhanced Building Tools: The expansion includes new parts and tools that allow for more detailed and functional aircraft designs.

- New Challenges: Introduces a series of airborne missions and challenges that test players' piloting skills and creativity.

- Dynamic Weather System: Adds a realistic weather system that affects flight dynamics, adding an extra layer of realism and challenge.

Release Date of Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion

27 Apr, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on27 Apr, 2023
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