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Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion For PC

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About Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion

Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion is an exciting add-on for the base game Trailmakers, a creative sandbox game where players can design and build their own vehicles. This expansion takes players on a maritime adventure, introducing new sea-based challenges and the ability to construct and navigate ships. Set in a vibrant and expansive oceanic environment, High Seas Expansion allows for exploration, customization, and competitive play, enhancing the original game's mechanics with new possibilities and strategic depth.

Features of Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion

- Vast Oceanic Environment: Explore a dynamic and expansive sea world filled with new islands, resources, and hidden treasures.

- Ship Construction: Design and build various types of ships, from small dinghies to large galleons, each customizable with different parts and functionalities.

- New Challenges: Face new sea-based missions and challenges that require strategic navigation and ship management skills.

- Enhanced Multiplayer: Enjoy cooperative and competitive modes with friends, where teamwork and ship coordination are key to success.

- Resource Gathering: Discover and gather new resources exclusive to the sea, which can be used to craft unique items and upgrade your ships.

Release Date of Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion

10 Dec, 2021

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on10 Dec, 2021
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