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Trailmakers: Skin Pack 2 For PC

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About Trailmakers: Skin Pack 2

Trailmakers: Skin Pack 2 is an expansion content for the base game Trailmakers, a creative sandbox game where players can design and build their own vehicles. This skin pack introduces a variety of new cosmetic options that allow players to customize the appearance of their creations, enhancing the visual appeal of their vehicles in the game.

Features of Trailmakers: Skin Pack 2

- New Cosmetic Options: Introduces a range of new skins and decals that can be applied to vehicles, offering players more ways to personalize their builds.

- Enhanced Customization: Allows for deeper customization of vehicle aesthetics, making each player's creation unique and visually distinct.

- Complimentary to Base Game: Designed to complement the core gameplay of Trailmakers, providing additional content that does not alter the fundamental mechanics of the game.

Release Date of Trailmakers: Skin Pack 2

1 Jul, 2020

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on1 Jul, 2020
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