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Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack For PC

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About Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack

Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack is a cosmetic DLC for the cooperative multiplayer shooter game, Evolve Stage 2. This pack introduces a unique skin for the Trapper class, transforming the character into a fierce Blood Eagle. The skin not only changes the visual appearance but also adds a thematic element that resonates with the game's intense, hunter-versus-monster gameplay. Players who enjoy customizing their in-game characters will find this skin pack a welcome addition to their Evolve Stage 2 experience.

Features of Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack

- Unique Visual Transformation: The Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack offers a distinctive look that sets the Trapper apart from other classes, enhancing the player's immersion in the game.

- Enhanced Thematic Experience: The skin aligns with the game's hunting and survival themes, providing a more thematic experience for players who appreciate detailed and immersive aesthetics.

- Customization Option: For players who enjoy personalizing their gaming experience, this skin pack offers a new way to customize and distinguish their Trapper character in the heat of battle.

Release Date of Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack

10 Feb, 2015

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on10 Feb, 2015
DeveloperTurtle Rock Studios
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