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About Trash Quest

Trash Quest is a compact and engaging metroidvania game set in a futuristic space station. Players take on the role of a lone adventurer navigating through an intricate maze of rooms, each filled with challenges and enemies. The game combines run and gun mechanics with precise platforming, encouraging players to explore, collect power-ups, and unlock shortcuts as they progress.

Features of Trash Quest

- Compact Metroidvania Design: Trash Quest offers a tightly designed game world that encourages exploration and backtracking as new abilities are acquired.

- Run and Gun Action: Players engage in fast-paced combat, taking down robots and other enemies with a variety of weapons and tactics.

- Tight Platforming: The game features challenging platforming sections that require precision and timing to navigate successfully.

- Single Spawn Point: With a single spawn point, the game maintains a focused progression system, ensuring that players always have a clear path forward.

- Power-Ups and Shortcuts: Collecting power-ups enhances the player's abilities, while unlocking shortcuts makes navigation more efficient and less frustrating.

- Interwoven Maze of Rooms: The space station's layout is a complex network of interconnected rooms, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for discovery.

Release Date of Trash Quest

26 Apr, 2021

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on26 Apr, 2021
DeveloperFrancis Vace