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About TreeSize

TreeSize is a user-friendly and efficient program designed to help users visualize and manage the space occupied by folders on their hard disks. By providing an intuitive view of disk space usage, TreeSize enables users to quickly identify and address large files or applications that may be consuming more space than necessary.

Key Feature

1: Intuitive Disk Space Visualization
TreeSize offers a clear and intuitive way to see how much space each folder occupies on your hard disks. This feature allows users to easily identify which files or applications are taking up more space than expected, helping them make informed decisions about managing their disk space.

2: Simple Scanning Process
Using TreeSize is straightforward, with users simply needing to scan their hard disks from the Scan tab. The program will analyze the disk's contents, with the time taken for analysis dependent on the disk's size and the amount of occupied space. During this process, users should ideally allow the program to work without altering the contents of the disk being analyzed.

3: Detailed Directory Information
Once the analysis is complete, TreeSize provides a detailed view of the disk space distribution, sorting directories in descending order based on the space they occupy. Users can click on any directory to view its subfolders and see how much space each one occupies, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of disk space usage.

4: Direct Action on Folders
TreeSize enables users to take direct action on any folder by simply right-clicking on a directory or group of files. This functionality allows users to delete, copy, paste, or compress files and folders directly from the program interface, streamlining the process of managing disk space.

5: Multiple Visualization Options and Ease of Use
The program offers several different visualization options, catering to users' preferences and making it easy to understand disk space usage. TreeSize's intuitive interface and direct action capabilities ensure that users can efficiently clean up their hard disks and manage their disk space with ease.

In conclusion, TreeSize is a highly useful and intuitive application that allows users to easily visualize and manage their hard disk space. With its simple scanning process, detailed directory information, direct action on folders, and multiple visualization options, TreeSize offers an effective solution for users looking to optimize and clean up their hard disks quickly and efficiently.

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated onNov 30, 2022
DeveloperJAM Software

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