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About Trine 2: Complete Story

Trine 2: Complete Story is a captivating platforming adventure game that combines elements of action, puzzle-solving, and exploration. Set in a vibrant fairytale world, players take control of three distinct heroes—a wizard, a knight, and an archer—each with unique abilities. The game is a sequel to the original Trine, expanding on its predecessor's mechanics and adding new challenges and environments to explore.

Features of Trine 2: Complete Story

- Physics-Based Puzzles: Engage with intricate puzzles that require strategic use of the heroes' abilities to manipulate the environment and overcome obstacles.

- Beautiful Sights: Traverse through a visually stunning world filled with lush landscapes, enchanting castles, and magical creatures, all rendered in exquisite detail.

- Online Co-op: Enjoy the adventure with friends through online cooperative play, allowing up to three players to work together, combining their skills to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

- Dynamic Hero Abilities: Each hero possesses unique skills that are essential for progression, such as the wizard's ability to create objects, the knight's strength, and the archer's agility and ranged attacks.

Release Date of Trine 2: Complete Story

6 Jun, 2013

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on6 Jun, 2013
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