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About Tunguska: Ravenwood Stories

Tunguska: Ravenwood Stories is an expansion pack for the base game Tunguska: The Visitation, a thrilling adventure game available on Steam. This expansion delves deeper into the mysterious events surrounding the Tunguska catastrophe, offering players new narratives and challenges within the eerie backdrop of Ravenwood. Players must unravel the secrets of this enigmatic location, interacting with new characters and solving complex puzzles to uncover the truth behind the supernatural occurrences.

Features of Tunguska: Ravenwood Stories

- New Narrative Arc: Explore an entirely new storyline that intertwines with the original Tunguska: The Visitation, providing fresh insights and mysteries to solve.

- Enhanced Puzzles: Encounter more intricate and challenging puzzles that require strategic thinking and keen observation skills to progress.

- Expanded Character Interactions: Meet and interact with a diverse cast of new characters, each with their own backstory and role in the unfolding drama.

- Immersive Atmosphere: Experience a heightened sense of suspense and mystery with improved graphics and sound design that bring the eerie setting of Ravenwood to life.

Release Date of Tunguska: Ravenwood Stories

23 Jun, 2022

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on23 Jun, 2022
DeveloperRotorist Workshop
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