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About Tunguska: Slaughterhouse

Tunguska: Slaughterhouse is an expansion pack for the base game Tunguska: The Visitation, a thrilling adventure game available on Steam. This expansion delves deeper into the mysterious events surrounding the Tunguska event, a powerful explosion that occurred in 1908 in Siberia. Players will explore new areas, uncover additional secrets, and face enhanced challenges as they continue their quest to unravel the mysteries of the Tunguska catastrophe.

Features of Tunguska: Slaughterhouse

- New Environments: Explore previously uncharted territories that offer fresh puzzles and obstacles.

- Enhanced Storyline: Dive deeper into the narrative with new characters and plot twists that expand upon the original game's story.

- Improved Gameplay Mechanics: Experience refined controls and new gameplay elements that enhance the overall player experience.

- Additional Challenges: Face tougher enemies and more complex puzzles that test your skills and strategy.

Release Date of Tunguska: Slaughterhouse

25 Feb, 2024

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on25 Feb, 2024
DeveloperRotorist Workshop
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